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Vietnam is the world’s second biggest coffee producer and supplies 40% of the world’s Robusta production. Phuc Sinh Corp, with more than 20 years experienced of production, is now providing our customers a wide range of Robusta and Arabica coffee, offering choices that are better for customer, for people, and for nature with Rain Forest Alliance sustainable project. Nowadays, with the growth of specialty coffee industry and heading to a sustainable environment, we are promoting our specialty coffee Blue Sonla to all around the world, raising Vietnamese Arabica coffee and sparking Vietnamese farmers’ interest in growing higher quality and venturing into Arabica cultivation.


Focusing in high quality and product differentiation, we are proud to be one of the most innovative and active exporter in Vietnam. Phuc Sinh is also Vietnamese trend leading producer to be the first exporter shipping premium quality Green pepper in brine and Freeze-dried Green pepper to USA, EU and other regions. We are offering our customers with valuable, traceable and sustainable products under our project certified by Rain Forest Alliance.


Prepared from fresh chilies that are grown in the Central Highland and Southern of Vietnam, we are offering red, high-heat and qualified dry chilies that adding fruitful flavor and brilliant color to food industry.


As a type of nut with a soft consistency and sweet flavor, cashew nut is widely consumed all over the world. We are offering a wide range of product from Cashew nut kernel to Roasted Cashew nut (with or without salt) and Flavour Roasted Cashew nut, focusing in maintaining stability and high-quality cashew nut according to AFI standards.


With larger material area and more support from local authority, Cassia is bringing more and more export value to Vietnam, becoming one of five top countries that cultivate and process cassia. By strict quality control procedure and professional logistic solution, we manage to deliver good quality Cassia to our customer as Spice and food processing partner all around the world since 2001.


Same as Cassia, Star Anise is one of the signature spices from Vietnam that are flavored by the natural cool climate and suitable soil in the Northern mountainous provinces in Vietnam. The Star Anise is harvested 02 times per year – Autumn crop and Spring crop.


Coconut is one of Vietnam most typical tree, growing in large area of Mekong Delta in the Southern of Vietnam. Desiccated coconut is made from Coconut meat (or coconut kernel) that is soaked, cut, pasteurized, dried and cooled on a modern production line that meets the strict international standards.


In Vietnam, turmeric is grown in many places but concentrated in the Central Highlands, the northern mountains and the Southeast. Cucurmin content in Vietnamese turmeric is about 0.3% – 0.4%.


We supply Vietnamese good quality rice including White rice long grain and Jasmin rice double polished and sortexted.
Phuc Sinh Daklak
The company’s main line of business is “Selling agricultural products, raw forest products (except wood, bamboo) and living creatures”. Head office address: Hamlet 9, Cu Bao Commune, Buon Ho Town, Dak Lak
Phuc Sinh Coffee
The subject is specialized in doing business on Manufacture of other food products n.e.c. PHUC SINH COFFEE CORPORATION is established on 02/08/2010, with head office located at No. 116, National Road 13, Group 3A, Quarter 5, My Phuoc Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. The corporate structure, management skills and financial ratios are important to evaluate subject’s business commitment…
VIETSPICES CORPORATION is established on 02/07/2007, with head office located at No. 116A, Highway 13, Quarter 5, My Phuoc Town, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. The corporate structure, management skills and financial ratios are important to evaluate subject’s business commitment
Phuc Sinh Son La
PHUC SINH SON LA is established on 12/20/2018, with head office located at Ban Mat, Mai Son District, Son La Province, Vietnam. The subject is a Limited liability company (FDI). The corporate structure, management skills and financial ratios are important to evaluate subject’s business commitment…



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